The Big and Small of it…

I have to be honest with myself first and foremost… and then with all of you… I have been terrible at keeping up with sharing my thoughts by means of this social site, and I apologize.

I will keep this brief.

March, 2016

I finished the final leg of my “Black Sheep” tour which took me to over 26 states of this fabulous country.  Upon returning (actually the exact day I returned) I took a pregnancy test.  Flipped that sucker over and there she was, the “yes, you are a pregnant lady” sign.

Holy shit. YES!

I am a songwriter.  I am a traveler full of wanderlust. I am a whiskey drinker.  I am an adventurer… and at the present, I have been a 29 week abode to the most precious journey changer my life will ever experience.

The BIG of it… my life is about to grow one thousand – billion times more interesting and I’m terrified of messing that up.  At the age of 39, and emotionally ready to take this incredible roller-coaster ride, I still have to pinch myself.  I’m a musician.  I’m a traveler.  I’m a risk taker.  And now, I have someone else along with me… attached to me from inside.  This is WILD!  I don’t want to (and deep in my heart I know I won’t) fail.  I constantly failed my biology tests in college but, this is WAAAY different, right?!

The SMALL of it… our little girl, to arrive so soon will be so very small.  Smaller than my 10pound dog Willie.  Smaller than my mom’s ham at Thanksgiving.  Smaller than the instrument I once considered my baby.  “Little Bird” has learned more in the past 29 weeks, than I have in the past 29 years.  When you really think about it… the rate at which she has been growing and learning is fascinating and really quite magical.  But that’s just the small of it.

All of the lessons I’ve learned as a musician, as a traveler, as a whiskey drinker, as an adventurer and risk taker… she will learn as well.  She will know how mystical and wonderful this world is.  She will fall.  She will stand.  She will break.  She will heal.

So, at this time… I wish for your patience my family and friends… for I will be a bit preoccupied teaching our little one, the big and small of things for a while.  She will know you all.  And like her mommy, will greet you with open arms.

With much adoration,