Back to my Future

After fourteen years of traveling the globe, I decided it’s time to return home. To Iowa. To Des Moines.

Both very exact, thought-out details.

I came back, to live in my future. Guess it’s kind of strange to think of it like that…

I am at peace here. I am excited to grow here. I’m ready to share here. I want to learn here. I will survive here.

I learned lessons in New York City. I tried out the western coast of Australia. I lived without major incident in India. I suffered much in Shanghai. I gave Los Angles a go… twice. All the while surviving… writing my music. Performing my music. Re-living my journey through song.

Now, I am here… home.

My future. Iowa. You are my foundation. I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me, or for the continued support you give me.

I raise my proverbial glass of rye whiskey to us! And OUR future! May our artists, both young and old, soar to great heights! I look forward to seeing you all in our future!!!!

With open arms,